HPR+ Reader

Aquatic Microchip Scanner

The HPR+ reader provides detection of ISO 11784/11785 FDX‐B and HDX PIT tags, expanded tag storage (~1.6M), simple data retrieval via USB port or Bluetooth and large display. It is water proof (IP67), and it floats. With the HPR‐Plus, location information (GPS) can be appended to tag codes in real time to provide reach level accuracy. The reader features auto-tuning capability, eliminating the need for a tuning box and making it ideal for small scale monitoring applications.

Reader includes:

  • HPR Plus Reader Base Unit
  • Racket Antenna
  • Carry Case
  • Battery Charger/Power Supply
  • USB-Flash & USB-PC Communication Cables
  • 2-Meter Antenna Cable
  • Test Tag 134.2 kHz (fish key chain)
  • User Manual (on flash drive)
  • Desk stand
  • Hand strap
  • Test tag key chain