SenseHub Beef

Flexible, high-performance beef cow monitoring that meets your needs today, and long into the future.

The SenseHub Beef cow monitoring solution brings a new management approach to the beef cattle sector, helping you maximize productivity and improve breeding decisions.

Powered by market-proven, sophisticated algorithms to analyze behaviors based on activity, rumination, eating and other key behaviors, SenseHub Beef delivers actionable information on the reproduction, health, and wellbeing status of individual cows and groups, in real time.

This includes precise cycling information and accurate AI guidance, to optimize conception rates.  A smart and modular solution, SenseHub Beef supports AI and natural breeding farms (mother-calf operations), for both penned and grazing cows.

Improve your quality of life with the dedicated beef cattle monitoring solution that provides you with peace of mind and frees you to perform your daily activities.  Stay connected to the farm from anywhere at any time, using any device, with real-time alerts when your attention is required.

Advance your reproduction strategies with accurate heat and pregnancy insight

  • Fast return on investment, with a shorter calving interval
  • Unmatched heat detection accuracy, including silent heats, that enables precise insemination timing, to optimize conception rates
  • Reduced hormone usage and labor costs
  • Detection of cows that aborted
  • Early-stage detection of anestrous cows

Optimize health treatments, interventions, and overall cow wellbeing

  • Online alerts of urgent distress cases
  • Monitoring recovery after calving
  • Monitoring the mother after calf separation
  • Fast insight into the effectiveness of veterinary treatments
  • Early detection on health issues, enabling preemptive action

Improve group and nutrition management

  • Group routine and heat stress monitoring
  • Group consistency monitoring, for timely insight on how feeding changes are affecting your cows


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