Flexmark Cattle Tail Paint

Flexmark Cattle Tail Paint is an OIL BASED formulation used for the detection of oestrus activity and is available in a range of fluorescent colours for maximum visibility.

Our 1L applicator bottle will typically paint between 80 – 100 cows.  If applied correctly, the paint will usually last up to 28 days (subject to weather conditions).

The Flexmark Cattle Tail Paint bottle is fitted with an integrated brush head for easy application to your herd.

Directions for use:

Shake well before use. Wear appropriate clothing, protective gloves, eye and face protection.

Use the integrated brush head to paint the animal, do not overpaint.  Use in well ventilated areas – avoid breathing vapours.

After use, put some Petroleum Jelly into the cover cap and place the cap onto the brush head to prevent from going hard for future use.  Ensure the animal is clean and dry before application. Remove any loose hair. Paint a stripe approximately 15cm long by 5cm forward along the spine form the tail head.

Allow approximately 5 minutes to dry, depending on ambient temperature.  Oestrus activity is indicated by the rubbing, or removal of the paint patch. Flexmark Cattle Tail Paint lasts up to 28 days subject to conditions and correct application.

Instructions for effective marking
To use Flexmark Cattle Tail Paint to maximum effect, create your own or follow the Mating Management System:

  • Paint your herd with your preferred FIRST COLOUR paint three weeks after calving.  If the paint has either rubbed or broken, this indicates when the cow has begun to cycle again.  If the cow has not come into heat after calving you can take remedial action or check with your vet.
  • Paint your herd with your preferred SECOND COLOUR paint immediately prior to commencing your AI programme.  If the paint has either rubbed or broken, this identifies the cows coming into hear on a daily basis.
  • Paint each cow with your preferred THIRD COLOUR paint as soon as she has been inseminated.  This will tell you if she has held to the service.
  • Paint all cows with your preferred FOURTH COLOUR paint when pregnancy is confirmed.

Cows with FIRST COLOUR paint have not cycled after calving
Cows with SECOND COLOUR paint are waiting to be AI’d
Cows with THIRD COLOUR paint are holding to AI service
Cows with FOURTH COLOUR paint are confirmed pregnant