Allflex Connect

Better productivity begins with a better connection to your herd.

Introducing Allflex Connect. The easy to use mobile data collection app that seamlessly connects you to your animals through their electronic ID tags.

Allflex connect takes the hassle out of recording and storing data by eliminating time-consuming error-prone manual processes. Simply connect your EID readers to the app for automated efficient data collection. Customisable options ensure you get the information your farm needs when you need it and EID data captured on your Allflex reader is transferred to the app and accessible in your hand leaving you with more detailed records and a more efficient way of storing and sharing your records.

The streamlined collection process gives you back valuable time for more meaningful tasks that contribute to overall herd well-being, minimises physical interactions to improve animal health outcomes and offers you the peace of mind that your data is accurate, secure and accessible from anywhere.